Why do some anti-dalit and anti-minority atrocities dominate the news while others are ignored?
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NDTV reports that two journalists will be sent to jail  after Karnataka's lawmakers decided they should be punished for two-year-old articles in tabloids that were allegedly defamatory about some of them including Speaker KB Koliwad who is from the Congress. It was an unanimous resolution and a first in the state's history. NDTV says the journalists are Ravi Belagere of Hi Bangalore and Anil Raju of Yelahanka Voice - both Kannada tabloids. The journalists plan to approach the Karnataka High Court.                       

Employees of the Hindustan Times were told on June 20 that because of the difficult period the company went through last year, and the continuing "challenge on revenues" there will be no salary increase this year.  A Variable Performance Bonus has been paid to "all eligible people," and  a special fixed monthly payment was announced  (for the period Apr’17-Mar’18) for those people whose relative salary is low. This will be done across HT Digital Streams, HT Media Ltd, and Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd.           

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