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A chief minister and his cabinet are sworn in by the Governor of the state, but The Hindu has an entirely a new construct on it. "Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao will attend the function", the paper said, in which case it did not explain who would induct the new team in. By printing a file picture of Sharad Pawar at the Wankhede Stadium, the venue, was it unwittingly implying that he was supervising the arrangements?

The Indian Express reports that the three-member committee which selected the new chairman of Prasar Bharati, A Surya Prakash,  included the secretary of the ministry of information and broadcasting.  In  2012 the current CEO of the public broadcaster was also selected by a committee which included the I & B secretary. Congress or BJP,  nobody is  making any pretence of Prasar Bharati's autonomy from the government of the day.

A spot near Hiranandani Gardens in Mumbai where J Dey, an expert on the city's underworld, and Investigations Editor of Mid-Day, was gunned down on June 11, 2011 is to be named after him, according to the minutes of Mumbai Press Club's AGM. " A decision has been taken" by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, and "what remains is just a formal declaration". Member Om Prakash Tiwari was "appreciated" for "ensuring" the commemoration. The trial in the case is yet to begin.
On October 25, The Times of India posted an article with a headline “5 months in power sees increase in crorepatis in Union Cabinet: ADR”. After a while, though, the article was taken off the website. Meanwhile, the information in the ADR press release was used by several non-mainstream news sites. So what is the TOI afraid of?
DIGANTAR, a Jaipur-based voluntary organization that is striving to create a meaningful difference in the field of education at various levels and in different
Nikkei is a Japanese publication which covers economic and political news around the globe. We have a wide base of 3 million readers which include the top polit
Does India need an independent and autonomous public broadcaster?
Cannot say
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