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ABP News' election programme 'Ghoshana Patra' underwent a format change on Tuesday, when it had Narendra Modi as the guest. The audience component, which also gets to ask questions, was dispensed with. Instead there was a panel of three ABP editors. Was it to shield Modi from unpredictable audience questions? Arun Jaitley, Kapil Sibal and Yogendra Yadav were all tackled in the earlier format.

Journalists are becoming a casualty in the fight between the old and new BJP. First it was L K Advani, then Jaswant Singh and now, Murli Manohar Joshi has threatened a journalist from Zee TV for asking uncomfortable questions about his posters in Kanpur for a BJP sarkar, not ahem! a Modi sarkar. Joshi apparently had the interview deleted, little realising Zee's other camera was also recording it and the media house gleefully played the interview - threats, deletions and all!

How strange. The column by celebrity author and columnist Shobhaa De in the Mumbai Mirror on "why most women would never marry Narendra Modi" was quickly circulated and shared on social networking sites. Oddly, while the column still remains in the newspaper, its been removed from the author's blog. 

Narendra Modi has gone from giving no interviews to giving two a day. The gratified interviewers ask what they have to but don't press. On CNBC Awaaz Sanjay Pugalia's treatment of him was in sharp contrast to his treatment of Arvind Kejriwal in an earlier interview with the latter. Most curious was Times Now's choice of an interviewer: how come it wasn't Arnab Goswami?

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