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Following Subramaniam Swamy's lead, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has also moved the Supreme Court to challenge the constitutional validity  of the penal provisions of criminal defamation. He too faces cases under these. Now if Rahul Gandhi, accused of defamation by the RSS would also pitch in to fight this provision as the Hoot has suggested  earlier this week, we may see a strong legal challenge take shape. 

Thursday night saw Arnab Goswami asking on his Newshour if the secrecy around Rahul Gandhi's vacation for introspection wasn't like the "KGB-style secrecy". But the point is, it is being asked after he returned earlier in the day. We don't know if Times Now deployed all its resources to locate him when Gandhi was away.
In a discussion on Rahul Gandhi's return to India after his sabbatical, Arnab Goswami with a smirk on his face asked the Congress spokesperson, "Is your leader well?" He repeated it three times: "Is your leader's health okay?" Let us even grant for a moment that that the basis of Goswami's question is right -- that Rahul Gandhi is unwell -- from when did making fun of another person's illness become acceptable journalism?
The politics around the B R Ambedkar anniversary makes news: on April 15 several papers had stories on the RSS and Congress competing to celebrate him in order to claim the Dalit vote. But atrocities against Dalits  which continue to happen claim far less attention. A February 18th incident of three Dalits being burnt alive in Nagaur, Rajasthan, managed to appear only in two English publications, including Scroll, and one TV channel, NDTV. The Hindi papers did better. On Ambedkar's anniversary no media  was recalling this latest atrocity or reporting on whether the accused had been arrested.
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