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Today's Chanakya, whose exit polls  came  closest to predicting the performance of AAP in the Delhi elections last year and the BJP strength in the Lok Sabha polls this year, didn't quite pull off a hat trick this time.  It did give the BJP a clear victory in Haryana (five seats more than it actually got) and predicted a clear majority for the party in Maharashtra which did not happen. On Sunday evening it sent around a mailer taking credit for getting it right in Haryana and apologising for getting it wrong in Maharashtra. It also offered a possible reason for being off the mark in the latter case!

On 16 October, on the top of the second page of TOI's business section was a curious news item on Sahara attributed to Times News Network. Titled "Sebi fails to find investors, Sahara case drags on",  it was an analysis passing for news, no attribution or quotes. Just TNN's opinion on Sebi's handling of the Sahara case, its failure to find the investors it claims were cheated, and what Sahara Chairman Subrata Roy's prolonged detention will mean for Sahara which employs one lakh people. Inset in this story is another item, dateline Panaji, which says the Goa CM is disturbed at Roy's long detention. 
Late night on  15 October, the polling day in Haryana, Focus News Haryana was consumed by  a single news event which it looped again and again. That was footage of Zee Media chairman Subhash Chandra in a polling booth in Hissar, demanding to see the id cards of polling agents and allegedly creating a rumpus, accompanied by other men. Focus News Haryana described it as goondagiri and kept asking poll officials leading questions about what action would be taken. Who owns Focus News Haryana? That is the million rupee question.  

October 11 was Nanaji Deshumukh's birth anniversary and an anthology of his writings  was released on the occasion by the prime minister. He waone of the founders of Bharatiya Jana Sangh. The entire event was telecast live on DD News which will doubtless assert again that it was eminently newsworthy. Mr Modi spoke at length on the occasion. 


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