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P Sainath who broke Ashok Chavan's 'paid news' story   had reported "they were not marked as advertisements" in the newspapers. Now Chavan's lawyer, Kapil Sibal has told  the Delhi High Court "Chavan was not aware of these advertisements and the publishers have said they were published without his (Chavan's) knowledge". Isn't it time the Press Council of India acted against the newspapers?

The New York Times has suddenly seen fit to editorialise on the state of press freedom in India, cobbling together a variety of developments over the past twelve months and bunging in the question of transparency of media ownership as well. An edit based on Googling, if ever there was one.

The Hindu carried a report on  July 26 titled, 'Delhi government school denies admission to two Muslim girls.'The story goes into  the problems a father is having admitting two daughters to the senior classes of any government school, but there is nothing in the account linking the problem to  their religious identity. Why then does it occur in the headline?

This Firstpost article lists four reasons given by PM Modi himself to explain why he will not take a media contingent on foreign trips. One, it is a new age in which journalists' requirement of news and information can be met instantaneously wherever they are located and they don't need to travel with the PM for that. Two, it was a flawed policy as the same journalists from the same big organisations went, and proprietors represented small newspapers. Three, selecting 30 journalists for PM's trips abroad invariably displeased the rest. Four, if there is a major policy announcement, Modi will address a press conference at Delhi airport on his return.

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The Economic Times, India’s largest financial newspaper, needs experienced copy editors/pagemakers for their Bangalore edition. Title: Copy Editor / Senior
Does India need an independent and autonomous public broadcaster?
Cannot say
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