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Former DD news anchor Ajai Shukla tweeted that a Doordarshan news anchor has been sacked after she read"Xi Jinping" as "Eleven Jinping" on the late night news!  The Hoot has now confirmed this with DD top brass.

The prime minister had a birthday and the newspapers got no advertising from the party faithful wishing him? Now that is a change. The only ads on Wednesday were from the Gujarat and MP governments promoting local schemes or inviting investment, with the PM's pictures.

TV Today's Kalli Purie has hit upon a new idea to market the brand. Bright red T-shirts with the logo of the TV channel have been distributed and all anchors and reporters have been made to click their photographs wearing those. These pictures are now being used as display pictures during phone-ins. And the staff has been instructed to wear them on Fridays.

This government's reluctance to interact with journalists is leading to bizarre situations. This story says last week a journo (apparently from Mint) sat through a closed-door meeting between Power minister Piyush Goyal and state power ministers, in the guise of an event manager, leading to CCTV cameras now being installed in the power ministry corridors. Why would you let event managers into ministerial meetings? And what will desperate journalists do next?

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