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Narendra Modi on India TV's Aap ki Adalat

A tale of two interviews
If Ansari did not probe Rahul on the charges levelled against Robert Vadra, nor did Rajat Sharma grill Modi on Snoopgate or Kejriwal's charges regarding the Adani group.   RANA AYYUB rues two wasted opportunities. PIX: Rahul Gandhi during his interview on Headlines Today 
Tehelka up for sale
K.D. Singh said that while he did not want the Tehelka brand to die, he was negotiating with different individuals to sell the 65.75 per cent stake in Anant Media held by Royal Building.   PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA and MOHAMMAD GHAZALI explore the financials of the company and its principal stakeholder. Pix: KD Singh and Tarun Tejpal 
Increase in censorship in India
Chilling effects of at least 52 instances of censorship in the first quarter of 2014 by the state, Hindu groups, publishers, student groups and others.   A FREE SPEECH HUB report. PIX: The books that were banned. 
Pronouncing on the BJP manifesto
The Hindu whose response to what the BJP says or does has always been one of disgust and contempt, actually wrote a fair editorial on its election manifesto.   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA trawls the wisdom different papers offered. PIX: BJP's manifesto release 
"People don't ask about issues that journalists are obsessed with"
As Delhi voted, the fortunes of three journalists who made their political debut in this general election as the candidates of the Aam Aadmi Party were also being decided.   ANJALI PURI caught them at the tail-end of their campaigns. PIX: Ashish Khetan campaigning in Delhi 
In Assam too, scribes take the plunge
The star attraction this election in Assam is prolific journalist and former Deputy Editor of the television news channel DY 365, Manorom Gogoi.   Both journalism and politics are tools to change society, candidates tell TERESA REHMAN. PIX: AAP candidate from Guwahati Pranjal Bordoloy 
Covering the polls out of Columbia U
Inspired by Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight news site, a group of Indian students in the US conceived the idea of the election-focused   NAUSHEEN HUSAIN tells their story. PIX: Team members of 
Media helps bring change in Afghanistan
The free media covered the election in Afghanistan very well and did a wonderful job of awareness raising,   observers tell NUPUR BASU. PIX: 2014 Afghanistan presidential debate held on "Open Jirga" 
A media yatra in Varanasi
Was Arvind Kejriwal's visit to Varanasi, where he announced himself as Narendra Modi's challenger, a success or a failure?   ANJALI PURI was none the wiser after reading local editions of the Hindi newspapers. PIX: Kejriwal in Varanasi 
Pre-poll surveys irk YSR CP and TDP in Andhra
Apprehensions are being expressed about the credibility and veracity of poll time surveys which predict dramatically opposing results,   observes R. JAGADEESWARA RAO. PIX: The NTV-Nielson survey in Andhra Pradesh. 

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A TV viewer writes: 'A BJP ad across TV channels, shows Narendra Modi telling viewers in India that all they have to do is press a particular button on the EVM, and the vote would go directly to him. This is false as the vote goes to the candidate in the constituency where the voter is enrolled. Surely the channels have a duty to check the content they are broadcasting, even if it is a paid advertisement?' Maybe Mr Modi has really begun to believe that this is a presidential election.

Narendra Modi's celebratory interview on India TV which had an audience which chanted 'Modi, Modi' has claimed a resignation. Q W Naqvi, Editorial Director of India TV resigned the morning after the episode was aired obviously discomfited by the tone of the programme. See the Hoot blog.

Channel after channel claimed that they had an 'exclusive' with Priyanka Gandhi on her plan to join or not to join politics. Every channel had exactly the same details from Ms Gandhi as the other and yet they all claimed it was an 'exclusive' ! TV journos should really be reminded that an exclusive is something  no one else has got.

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Is the media driving Narendra Modi's prime ministrial candidacy?
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