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The more you insult, the stronger will I fight back: Priyanka defends family
Indian Express
Priyanka to Vadra's rescue
Priyanka G goes extra martial to defend spouse
The Economic Times
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Amazingly, edit writers have not reacted to the latest crop of hate speech from Togadia and others.

The dogs that did not bark
You'd expect leader writers to be tugging at their leashes, frothing at their mouths, rearing to express their shock and outrage. No such luck. Only two major newspapers wrote edits on the subject.   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA is amazed. PIX: BJP's Giriraj Singh 
The PM, journalists, and the nuclear deal
'When Ram left, Dr Singh sat back in his chair looking completely satisfied. He had crossed the rubicon, he thought.'   Three senior journalists figured in the events as they played out in August 2007, recounts SANJAYA BARU 
Rescuing unauthorised biographies
Once the SC has created a right of privacy over all events not in the public record, it opens the door to censorship of any reporting on such events.   What then of the fundamental right to freedom of speech, asks PRASHANT THIKKAVARAPU. PIX: Auto Shankar 
CNN-IBN-ADR's Rate your MPs survey raises questions
The survey hopes to influence the agenda of elections by highlighting voter priorities. But there are limits to the usefulness of the conclusions drawn from the survey.   ANKITA PANDEY explains why 
Employee takes Zee News to court
A labour court in Mumbai has ordered the reinstatement of a woman reporter of Zee News Ltd whose services were terminated because she got pregnant.   GEETA SESHU reports. 
A tale of two interviews
If Ansari did not probe Rahul on the charges levelled against Robert Vadra, nor did Rajat Sharma grill Modi on Snoopgate or Kejriwal's charges regarding the Adani group.   RANA AYYUB rues two wasted opportunities. PIX: Rahul Gandhi during his interview on Headlines Today 
Tehelka up for sale
K.D. Singh said that while he did not want the Tehelka brand to die, he was negotiating with different individuals to sell the 65.75 per cent stake in Anant Media held by Royal Building.   PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA and MOHAMMAD GHAZALI explore the financials of the company and its principal stakeholder. Pix: KD Singh and Tarun Tejpal 
Increase in censorship in India
Chilling effects of at least 52 instances of censorship in the first quarter of 2014 by the state, Hindu groups, publishers, student groups and others.   A FREE SPEECH HUB report. PIX: The books that were banned. 
"People don't ask about issues that journalists are obsessed with"
As Delhi voted, the fortunes of three journalists who made their political debut in this general election as the candidates of the Aam Aadmi Party were also being decided.   ANJALI PURI caught them at the tail-end of their campaigns. PIX: Ashish Khetan campaigning in Delhi 
Not enough direct accountability
As successive polls bring us closer to a “Modi Sarkar” we have to wonder about how publicly accountable Mr Modi will be if he does become prime minister,   says SEVANTI NINAN. PIX: Modi at a rally 

Other recent stories

Journalists are becoming a casualty in the fight between the old and new BJP. First it was L K Advani, then Jaswant Singh and now, Murli Manohar Joshi has threatened a journalist from Zee TV for asking uncomfortable questions about his posters in Kanpur for a BJP sarkar, not ahem! a Modi sarkar. Joshi apparently had the interview deleted, little realising Zee's other camera was also recording it and the media house gleefully played the interview - threats, deletions and all!

How strange. The column by celebrity author and columnist Shobhaa De in the Mumbai Mirror on "why most women would never marry Narendra Modi" was quickly circulated and shared on social networking sites. Oddly, while the column still remains in the newspaper, its been removed from the author's blog. 

Narendra Modi has gone from giving no interviews to giving two a day. The gratified interviewers ask what they have to but don't press. On CNBC Awaaz Sanjay Pugalia's treatment of him was in sharp contrast to his treatment of Arvind Kejriwal in an earlier interview with the latter. Most curious was Times Now's choice of an interviewer: how come it wasn't Arnab Goswami?

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