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Jayanthi taxes Congress
Indian Express
Jayanthi quits Con., ready for probe
Retrospective 'Jayanthi tax
The Telegraph
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The issue of Avadhnama with the apology.

Should the freedom to react be absolute?
Shireen Dalvi, the editor of Urdu newspaper Avadhnama, was arrested in Mumbai for publishing a cartoon of the Charlie Hebdo cover.   She is upset at efforts to defame her, she tells GEETA SESHU. 
The Pioneer rationalises, poor dear
The Pioneer edit was an awful embarrassment as it tried to explain away Obama's remark on religious tolerance.   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA reels in disbelief. 
Remembering R. K. Laxman
He was fond of collecting brass and bronze statues and artifacts, he would clean them lovingly and then smear oil to give them an ancient look and to protect from sea air.   KAMLA MANKEKAR and ACHIN VANAIK recall his other interests. 
The India Today of the working class
For over two decades, Saras Salil has decidedly catered to the newly literates.   As ABHISHEK CHOUDHARY relates its fascinating story he finds that while the magazine's sales are down, it continues to be popular. (Photo: Paresh Nath) 
Troubled Mahavishnu
It is difficult to tell whether the Mahavishnu of Mount Road is more afflicted by its financial uncertainties or its editorial ones.   SEVANTI NINAN on the changes and challenges at the Hindu. (Photo: the Hindu building; credit: 
Mischief without malice
The first thing that struck me about him was his insatiable curiosity about people, places, birds, animals and every conceivable mechanical object.   DILEEP PADGAONKAR on the R. K. Laxman he knew. (Photo credit: 
Cleaning the BCCI stable
Some editorials on the Supreme Court judgement on the BCCI got to the nub of the issue while others, unaccountably, ignored it.   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA offers his two pennies' worth... 
Topless shots go down... then up again
Reports of the death of The Sun's Page 3 topless shots have proved unfounded.   But for AMRIT DHILLON, they brought back memories of a vile, degrading feature that used to make her go crimson with shame. (Photo: Rupert Murdoch; credit: 
Online Censorship laws needs reform
The law allows authorities to block large amounts of content in secrecy, without adequate demonstration of necessity, and in a disproportionate manner.   The rules for blocking provide little by way of rights safeguards, says JAYSHREE BAJORIA 
Dual role of Sumi newspapers
A Naga newspaper doesn't merely inform readers, it also helps preserve the tribe's culture and identity.   VIKAS KUMAR says the size of a tribe determines if its language can reap the economies of scale in the media industry (Photo: Sümi Zümülhü as on 6 June, 2014). 

Other recent stories

Both, the Wall Street Journal blog India Real Time and the Washington Post website, have uploaded what they call the Indian government's air-brushed video of the Obama visit. They point out how the Ministry of External Affairs'  8-minute video carefully omits Obama's comments on religious freedom made at Siri Fort. Both media of course think this was one of the most significant moments of the Obama visit.

On 30th Jan., BJP released a new ad targeting AAP ahead of the Delhi assembly elections: the cartoon in the ad showed Kejriwal lying after swearing in the name of his children; it also showed a garlanded Anna Hazare on the wall, showing how Kejriwal’s deception killed him. Kejriwal was quick to retort on Twitter, though: “Nathuram Godse killed Gandhiji on this day in 1948. BJP has killed Anna in its ad today. Shudn't BJP apologise?”
The SC on Jan. 28 passed an interim order asking that search engines of  Google, Yahoo and Microsoft  block ads for sex determination tests, a report said. The companies claim that they already comply with the rules, with Google’s lawyer making a distinction between “search and information” and “promotion and advertisement”. But petitioner Sabu Mathew George’s lawyer, has alleged that such content is still widely available on searches conducted on search engines.
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