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Trade, China worries fire Japan's Modi bonhomie
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Modi, Abe bond over temple tour; will hold talks today
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Talks today, Delhi, Tokyo try to iron out n-deal
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Rural women in Dewri, Chhattisgarh, talk about their television viewing.

TV choices the poor make
What is monetarily beneficial for broadcasters is less so for viewers who earn very little, some of them reported cutting back on food and savings to meet the increased costs of watching television post digitisation.   A multi-faceted HOOT research study. PIX: A village in Narmada district, Gujarat 
So where should the money come from?
THE MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE: The TRAI report does not explain who is allowed to own or finance media, nor does it do enough homework.   CHINTAMANI RAO says it is self righteous and of questionable practicality. Pix: 
Our public intellectual spaces are women free
Why does the media never invite women to comment on publicly debated issues such as the reform of the Planning Commission,   asks DEVAKI JAIN. Pix: an all male poverty line debate 
Spoofing takes off
Humour and satire are flourishing on web-based portals that take the mickey out of Indian life, from spoofing Arnab Goswami to ridiculing Salman Khan's tweets.   Enjoy, says VIKRAM JOHRI. 
Move over columnists and op-ed writers
Web videos are more powerful in sending out catchy messages and triggering debate.   ALKA GURHA looks at how humour and satire are breathing new life into old issues. Pix: the Kalki Koechlin video 
Now we are talking
THE MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE : TRAI raises all the right issues. But it totally ignores the economic realities of the business. Without acknowledging those how can the Indian news media business get out of its mess,   Asks VANITA KOHLI KHANDEKAR 
Competition vs plurality
MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE : What is conspicuous by its absence in the TRAI recommendations is proposed measures to promote horizontal plurality and prevent horizontal consolidation   A response by SMARIKA KUMAR and SIDDHARTH NARRAIN 
Anticipatory bail for editorial freedom
THE MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE: TRAI's recommendations are a sort of anticipatory bail for editorial freedom.   They might restrict ownership but will preserve the journalists' freedoms, says TCA SRINIVASA-RAGHAVAN* 
The soul of a selfie
A monkey clicks a photo. It goes viral. Does the monkey who grabbed the camera own the copyright or the photographer?   SHYAM G. MENON ruminates on contemporary creativity and its ills. Pix: Monkey and Slater, 
Book Extract: Nasreen's Tragic Tryst with Fame
By conventional mass communication theories, media attention is a great force multiplier.   In his book of reporting memoirs AJITH PILLAI profiles a victim of excessive media focus. 

Other recent stories

After two months of speculation about when the India Today masthead would change to reflect Shekhar Gupta's takeover there, it turns out it won't. Proprietor Aroon Purie sent around an internal mail which said that that they had agreed to "restructure our arrangement to our mutual benefit". Gupta is being redesignated editorial advisor for the group while Purie will go back to being chief editor. Gupta will pursue his "creative and entrepreneurial interests", Purie said. Gupta tweeted meanwhile that Purie was speaking for both of them. Now what went wrong there?

Public memory is indeed short. Soon after the Delhi gangrape case, there was a legitimate hue and cry about the Yo Yo Honey Singh whose lyrics were shown to be extremely vulgar and sexist. His rock show in Delhi was cancelled that December thanks to the protests. But in August-September 2014 Yo Yo Honey Singh is back on TV channels. They are broadcasting promos of the new DVD he has made with Bollywood heroine Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha. The 'India Today Mind Rocks' youth summit on September 6 in Delhi will feature him. His sexism is forgotten.

The much awaited   TRAI recommendations on community radio were released last week but despite numerous demands from community radio stations (CRS), no headway was made on the contentious issue of independently-produced news on community radio. Instead, they can only use AIR news. So do they become  extensions of an official organ?

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