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Force-feeding' rocks Parliament
Anger, apology over Sena MPs' Ramazan bullying
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A Doordarshan relay centre in Bhimavaram, Krishna District, which serves little purpose as audiences have shifted to cable and DTH.

How digitisation impacts farm telecasts
Kisan shows are put out on terrestrial transmitters when many villages have switched to cable or DTH.   The technological mismatch needs to be tackled says SEVANTI NINAN. PIX: Bhimavaram relay centre, AP 
Tackling private censorship in media
But is editorial discretion passing into the hands of the proprietor? Corporate owner or family owner, censorship is increasingly becoming the owner's prerogative,   says SEVANTI NINAN. PIX: Rana Ayyub's article that was taken off by DNA 
The bylines that refuse to go gently...
Some long time columnists have become predictable and stale after years of opinionating.   AMRIT DHILLON thinks it's time for them to make way for new talent. PIX: (Clockwise) Shoba Narayan, Chetan Bhagat, Aakar Patel and Pratap Bhanu Mehta 
Is farm broadcasting going waste?
When current farm telecasts miss their targets on account of power cuts and wrong scheduling, is a Rs 100 crore farm channel going to help,   asks SEVANTI NINAN. PIX: Farmers in Kalahandi, Odisha, talk about their farm broadcasting needs. 
Private censorship and the right to hear
Very little recourse is available against publishers or intermediaries if these private parties censor an author's content unreasonably,   says CHINMAYI ARUN 
No surprises in budget editorials
With the odd exception, the commentaries on the budget in the Hindi daily newspapers conformed to their known partisan positions,   says ANAND VARDHAN. PIX: The 'Dainik Jagran' edit 
Softly, softly on Jaitley's Budget
The morning after what many people thought was an uninspiring Budget,   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA woke up to find most of the English papers pulling their punches. PIX: The 'ToI' edit 
The odd case of India TV and Tanu Sharma
Unanswered questions swirl around the former India TV anchor's allegations of harassment at work which sections of the media have chosen not to explore,   says ARUNODAY MAJUMDER. PIX: Notice sent to Newslaundry 
Do we really need a railway budget?
The one that railway minister Sadananda Gowda delivered was so short of specifics that edit writers were forced to focus on such cosmic questions.   In doing so, they gave us glimmerings of the government's overall strategy, says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA. PIX: The Indian Express edit 
Dumbing down at budget time
Telescoping a multi-faceted railway budget into a visual of zooming bullet trains is a lot easier than trying to understand facts and figures and interpreting them for viewers,   says SEVANTI NINAN 

Other recent stories

This Firstpost article lists four reasons given by PM Modi himself to explain why he will not take a media contingent on foreign trips. One, it is a new age in which journalists' requirement of news and information can be met instantaneously wherever they are located and they don't need to travel with the PM for that. Two, it was a flawed policy as the same journalists from the same big organisations went, and proprietors represented small newspapers. Three, selecting 30 journalists for PM's trips abroad invariably displeased the rest. Four, if there is a major policy announcement, Modi will address a press conference at Delhi airport on his return.

Another weekly edition of India Today has come out with no change in the masthead since  Shekhar Gupta joined a few weeks ago. Though he is designated vice chairman and editor in chief of the news properties of the group,  he does not figure as yet on the magazine's masthead. Nor do the journalists he has recruited though their stories figure in the magazine. Odd, but it may be because proprietor Aroon Purie apparently has a convention of not putting someone on the masthead till they have been there for a certain period of time.


The Election Commission of India now says that the paid news is not an illegal activity. “First of all paid news is not an illegal activity. Secondly, laws related to paid news are very weak and mostly importantly, there is no law to deal with political parties in cases of paid news,” V.S. Sampath, chief elections commissioner said. (Deccan Chronicle)

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