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The media has failed to ask the right questions on Ebola.

Media and Ebola
What is really going on behind the veiled headlines of the global coverage of Ebola? How many of the 'right questions' have the media missed,   asks ERIC CHINJE of the African Media Initiative. 
Trial by media: how journalists are used
The media must cross-check information put out by investigating agencies or else journalists could prejudice the rights of accused persons and influence trials,   says criminal lawyer REBECCA JOHN to PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA and ANKIT AGRAWAL (Pix: Rebecca John; Photo Credit: Ankit Agrawal). 
The 'witches' let down by the media
Witch hunting is a disturbing crime against women in Assam, but the media's approach has been disappointingly simplistic and crass,   says TERESA REHMAN (PIX: Women branded as witches speak at a consultation). 
Media and politics in Haryana
There are politicians who dabble in media and mainstream media owners who dabble in politics. Which category has the advantage?   SEVANTI NINAN looks for some answers (Pix: Subhash Chandra). 
Mangalyaan, the social media native
Unlike space missions of the past, ISRO concentrated on the 'social image' of Mangalyaan: the personified Twitter account and the first-person updates preceded the launch.   This has humanized the concept of interplanetary missions, says ANAGHA JAYAN E 
On culture, TV channels score zero
When it comes to literary reporting, the only notable exception to the inferior climate of reportage is also the one least expected: Doordarshan.   VIKRAM JOHRI rues the lack of genuine culture reporting on TV (PIX: Kitabnama on DD). 
The Hindi press on the decline of regional politics
How did the Hindi press evaluate Modi's grand vikaswaad rhetoric? Their analysis was often marred by clichés and lack of nuance,   says ABHISHEK CHOUDHARY 
No protection for sources
Journalists and whistleblowers are vulnerable to demands to disclose sources.   And the law is still silent, says GEETA SESHU (PIX: Ranjit Sinha) 
Punditry with flaws
After the September bye-elections, the editorialists quickly claimed Modi had lost his appeal.   But now they have gone back to singing paeans to Modi and his strategist Amit Shah, says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA (Pix: Amit Shah) 
'News makes lots of money'
DOCUMENTATION: “Technology companies will find it very difficult to get into news because news is a peculiar business…news companies will find it much easier to learn technology,”   RAGHAV BAHL tells VANITA KOHLI KHANDEKAR about his learnings in the media business, and the costly mistake he made. 

Other recent stories
The Maharashtra cabinet's  swearing-in ceremony was widely telecast live, with the BJP providing the feed.  Only some channels intermittently acknowledged that-- 'Courtesy BJP'. Since the Maharashtra Government has said it would pay for the ceremony but the extravaganza would be at BJP's cost, how will the telecast costs be split?   The TV channels are the beneficiaries, they  get their TRPs for free. 
A chief minister and his cabinet are sworn in by the Governor of the state, but The Hindu has an entirely a new construct on it. "Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao will attend the function", the paper said, in which case it did not explain who would induct the new team in. By printing a file picture of Sharad Pawar at the Wankhede Stadium, the venue, was it unwittingly implying that he was supervising the arrangements?

The Indian Express reports that the three-member committee which selected the new chairman of Prasar Bharati, A Surya Prakash,  included the secretary of the ministry of information and broadcasting.  In  2012 the current CEO of the public broadcaster was also selected by a committee which included the I & B secretary. Congress or BJP,  nobody is  making any pretence of Prasar Bharati's autonomy from the government of the day.

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