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Google India’s October 24 doodle celebrates one month of Mangalyaan in Mars orbit.

Mangalyaan, the social media native
Unlike space missions of the past, ISRO concentrated on the 'social image' of Mangalyaan: the personified Twitter account and the first-person updates preceded the launch.   This has humanized the concept of interplanetary missions, says ANAGHA JAYAN E 
On culture, TV channels score zero
When it comes to literary reporting, the only notable exception to the inferior climate of reportage is also the one least expected: Doordarshan.   VIKRAM JOHRI rues the lack of genuine culture reporting on TV (PIX: Kitabnama on DD). 
The Hindi press on the decline of regional politics
How did the Hindi press evaluate Modi's grand vikaswaad rhetoric? Their analysis was often marred by clichés and lack of nuance,   says ABHISHEK CHOUDHARY 
No protection for sources
Journalists and whistleblowers are vulnerable to demands to disclose sources.   And the law is still silent, says GEETA SESHU (PIX: Ranjit Sinha) 
Punditry with flaws
After the September bye-elections, the editorialists quickly claimed Modi had lost his appeal.   But now they have gone back to singing paeans to Modi and his strategist Amit Shah, says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA (Pix: Amit Shah) 
'News makes lots of money'
DOCUMENTATION: “Technology companies will find it very difficult to get into news because news is a peculiar business…news companies will find it much easier to learn technology,”   RAGHAV BAHL tells VANITA KOHLI KHANDEKAR about his learnings in the media business, and the costly mistake he made. 
The narco judgment that the media has forgotten
The media keeps forgetting an important Supreme Court judgment when it writes about narco analysis. Stories regarding its continued use continue to pop up in the national media with an uncomfortable frequency,   says PRASHANT REDDY THIKKAVARAPU (PIX: The Indian Express, August 2, 2014) 
Two opposed ideas of India
Modi's America trip and his Clean India campaign prompted journalists to expound very different notions of India.   And never the twain shall meet, says JAGDEEP S. CHHOKAR (PIX: The Indian Express edit). 
Nobel prizewinner: er, who?
When Kailash Satyarthi won the Nobel peace prize, people should have asked: Why did I not know of Kailash Satyarthi?   The next question is, why did the media ignore him, asks ASHUTOSH NAYAK (PIX: The Times of India Blogs). 
Is media obsession on security issues affecting Indo-Pak trade?
DOCUMENTATION: The underreporting on trade-related activity between India and Pakistan is an important impediment to trade normalization between the two neighbouring countries.   RAHUL MEDIRATTA's quantitative analysis of five newspapers in an ICRIER working paper (PIX: The Times of India, October 12, 2014). 

Other recent stories

On October 24, US President Obama nominated the Iranian-American business strategist Azita Raji, a major fundraiser for his presidential campaigns, as the US ambassador to Sweden.  The Indian media rushed to claim Raji as an “Indian-American”. This included leading publications like India Today, The Times of India, The Indian Express, and others. Could we do some fact-checking the next time? 

Bimal Nepal, a Massachusetts-based photographer, has charged PM Narendra Modi on social media of violating  copyright. On October 21, Mr. Modi’s Facebook page published a modified version of a photograph that apparently Nepal had clicked and posted on his Flickr page in November 2012. In his Facebook post the same day, Nepal called Mr. Modi “one of my greatest heroes”, but went on to add that his “greatest question and concern is - there is no credit for the photographer?!” 
The Tamil news channel Thanthi, which allegedly telecast the bail application hearing (on October 17) of former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in the Supreme Court on October 18, has landed itself in a legal soup. The All-India Bar Association has sought suo motu contempt proceedings against the channel in the Supreme Court. Interestingly, this has occurred at a time when a larger debate about whether court proceedings should be recorded or not has also been going on.
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