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Modi's Maha victory
BJP flirts with NCP but readies bed for Sena
The Telegraph
Big win for BJP in Haryana, Maharashtra
The Tribune
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Raghav Bahl, at the Mumbai event TV.NXT this year.

'News makes lots of money'
DOCUMENTATION: “Technology companies will find it very difficult to get into news because news is a peculiar business…news companies will find it much easier to learn technology,”   RAGHAV BAHL tells VANITA KOHLI KHANDEKAR about his learnings in the media business, and the costly mistake he made. 
The narco judgment that the media has forgotten
The media keeps forgetting an important Supreme Court judgment when it writes about narco analysis. Stories regarding its continued use continue to pop up in the national media with an uncomfortable frequency,   says PRASHANT REDDY THIKKAVARAPU (PIX: The Indian Express, August 2, 2014) 
Two opposed ideas of India
Modi's America trip and his Clean India campaign prompted journalists to expound very different notions of India.   And never the twain shall meet, says JAGDEEP S. CHHOKAR (PIX: The Indian Express edit). 
Nobel prizewinner: er, who?
When Kailash Satyarthi won the Nobel peace prize, people should have asked: Why did I not know of Kailash Satyarthi?   The next question is, why did the media ignore him, asks ASHUTOSH NAYAK (PIX: The Times of India Blogs). 
Is media obsession on security issues affecting Indo-Pak trade?
DOCUMENTATION: The underreporting on trade-related activity between India and Pakistan is an important impediment to trade normalization between the two neighbouring countries.   RAHUL MEDIRATTA's quantitative analysis of five newspapers in an ICRIER working paper (PIX: The Times of India, October 12, 2014). 
Banned for telling the truth about riots?
Shubhradeep Chakravorty's widow is planning to take the fight to screen his film on the Muzaffarnagar riots to the courts.   The ban suppresses freedom of expression, says NUPUR BASU. PIX: Shubhradeep Chakravorty. 
Now protecting RTI from the judiciary?
Numerous attempts have been made to amend or weaken the RTI but the latest came from an unusual quarter – the High Court of Madras. But this time too public opinion, through a vibrant media, has stymied it,   says MADABHUSHI SRIDHAR (PIX: The Indian Express Archive). 
Media houses: how much disclosure?
MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE: While useful, TRAI's recommendations on the media were insufficient. We can do much more to restore the media's credibility and one way to start is to impose a disclosure policy,   says SANKRANT SANU. 
Lessons in science popularization from MOM
Will scientific understanding of the planetary system and the universe lead to rational thinking and rejection of superstitions related to so-called impact of planetary movement on our lives?   Dinesh C. Sharma lauds the way ISRO engaged with the media on the Mars Orbiter Mission. 
Media exposure and voter behaviour
Recent research has tried to understand the link between media exposure and voting behavior based on election studies done since 1996.   SEVANTI NINAN on a LOKNITI-CSDS analysis. 

Other recent stories

Today's Chanakya, whose exit polls  came  closest to predicting the performance of AAP in the Delhi elections last year and the BJP strength in the Lok Sabha polls this year, didn't quite pull off a hat trick this time.  It did give the BJP a clear victory in Haryana (five seats more than it actually got) and predicted a clear majority for the party in Maharashtra which did not happen. On Sunday evening it sent around a mailer taking credit for getting it right in Haryana and apologising for getting it wrong in Maharashtra. It also offered a possible reason for being off the mark in the latter case!

On 16 October, on the top of the second page of TOI's business section was a curious news item on Sahara attributed to Times News Network. Titled "Sebi fails to find investors, Sahara case drags on",  it was an analysis passing for news, no attribution or quotes. Just TNN's opinion on Sebi's handling of the Sahara case, its failure to find the investors it claims were cheated, and what Sahara Chairman Subrata Roy's prolonged detention will mean for Sahara which employs one lakh people. Inset in this story is another item, dateline Panaji, which says the Goa CM is disturbed at Roy's long detention. 
Late night on  15 October, the polling day in Haryana, Focus News Haryana was consumed by  a single news event which it looped again and again. That was footage of Zee Media chairman Subhash Chandra in a polling booth in Hissar, demanding to see the id cards of polling agents and allegedly creating a rumpus, accompanied by other men. Focus News Haryana described it as goondagiri and kept asking poll officials leading questions about what action would be taken. Who owns Focus News Haryana? That is the million rupee question.  
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