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Doc probing Vyapam scam found dead in Delhi hotel, IMA cries foul
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Fisherfolk in Hamlet Moto in Puri district, Odisha, say their needs for advance weather information are not met.

Poverty and public broadcasting
If it cannot meet the information needs of the most deprived sections of the population, Prasar Bharati should not be in business,   says SEVANTI NINAN Pix: a DTH connection in Jamujhari hamlet, Sambalpur, Odisha 
Information low income viewers do not get
While entertainment choice is wide, information content is inadequate on both public and private television.   The public broadcaster's abdication has created this deficit says OUR REPORT on digitization.Pix: rural youth in Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh need career information. 
Stop the country cousin treatment
Modi's visit to Dhaka and the Indian cricket debacle forced the media to cover Bangladesh.   This attention needs to be sustained because this country will matter most for India in the years to come, argues SUBIR BHAUMIK. 
Gods own newspapers
When the going gets tough, it's time to get in touch with God. That's what the Kerala papers are doing to get readers,   reports BINOO K. JOHN. Pix: Another story from the June 22nd edition of Manorama 
A strange retraction
ET's story on a possible change in the law on homosexuality was quickly retracted, for no apparent reason.   Why are newspapers going soft on Section 377, asks VIKRAM JOHRI. 
Attacks in Kashmir - selective indignation?
Leading journalist Javid Malik was beaten up in the Valley. Journalists protested. Good.   But why have other violent incidents gone unmarked asks IRFAN QURAISHI. Pix: Protest at Lal Chowk, Srinagar, June 23. 
Anatomy of a journalist's murder
Was Sandeep Kothari a journalist, a blackmailer as the police and the accused claim, or an RTI activist?   NIVEDITA KHANDEKAR investigates. Pix:Kothari's Nai Duniya ID Card 
Praful Bidwai: tribute to a scholar journalist
In the age of Wikipedia, Praful was the person you called for things you could not find on the Net, or discover after a Google search.   AMIT SENGUPTA recalls a scholar, academic, teacher, friend, comrade and connoisseur. Pix: Praful Bidwai, 
A riveting chronicle
In weaving a rich tapestry of facts, vignettes, documents, archival material, and portraits, Coomi Kapoor has produced more than a personal history of the Emergency and its excesses.   SUNIL SETHI found fresh information and insights in it. 
Dirty tricks in the Telugu states
Chandrababu Naidu is fighting political embarrassment by muzzling the media in two ways: invoking the 'public interest' and misusing the Cable Act.   PADMAJA SHAW reports 
Naidu at war with TV news channels
TV channels are caught in the crossfire when Andhra Pradesh and Telangana fight. But they also make the fur fly because their owners are politicians.   SURESH KUMAR ALAPATI reports. Pix: Naidu and KC Rao: locked in acrimony. 
Getting into a twist over noodles
The coverage of Nestle's Maggi controversy was massive but unbalanced, with fulsome praise for the brand and irrelevant nostalgia. Its controversial record abroad was ignored.   JYOTI PUNWANI found it odd. Pix: the Nestle free zone movement. 
Media legacies, the Emergency and beyond
This sort of centralized bullying is hard to comprehend today because there is so much more media.   But if there was compulsion then, there is persuasion now, and the response is similar, says SEVANTI NINAN Pix credit: 
Media silent on Katju charges
Justice Katju accuses the CJI of corruption and gets away with it. Why is there silence from the mainstream media on the issue?   Yet this is a giant leap for the judiciary, argues PRASHANT REDDY THIKKAVARAPU. Pix: Supreme court website 
No protest marches for Jagendra Singh
His horrific death confirms the growing fear that politicians are targeting the local journalists who know what they are up to.   What are we doing about it? asks NUPUR BASU. Pix: Pilibhit scribe Haider Khan 

The Hindustan Times carried a story on page 9  about the PM's visit to the Central Asian republics today. A box item carried information  and fun facts about the five STANs which he  is scheduled to visit.  The fun fact about Uzbekistan talks about its leader Islam Karimov boiling two of his political opponents in oil. FUN FACT??


On July 3 Hema Malini's injuries figured in newspaper headlines, the child her car killed, did not. Today the papers are making up with reports on the family which lost a child. The actress was rushed to Fortis hospital, but the injured child and her mother were not, says the story, but that detail only comes out  a day later because the injured father makes the point. Another July 3 story in ET Panache also takes the  cake. The lawyer who killed two when she crashed her Audi into their car in a drunk state is not going to get insurance cover. Her not getting the 10 to 15 lakh she would otherwise have got merits a smiling picture of her and  a full story. But how much follow up has there been  in any paper on the family that suffered two deaths when she crashed into them?

A year after former editor in chief Shekhar Gupta’s departure,  the Indian Express proprietor  Viveck Goenka  made expansive speeches to staff at both Mumbai and Delhi  about how well the paper was doing, how politicians read it with both trepidation and anticipation, and how its great content had made it the no. 3 Indian newspaper on the Net. He announced the launch of more editions starting with Jaipur this weekend.


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