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CJI recuses from NJAC, govt. calls it 'unconstituional
The Times of India
CJI Dattu skips meet on picking eminent persons for judicial panel
Hindustan Times
Govt and SC face off: CJI says won't join panel
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The media now gives Ambedkar Jayanti the importance it deserves, but not atrocities committed against Dalits.

The media's short shrift to Dalits
The media have no excuse for their unpardonable indifference towards crimes against Dalits.   JYOTI PUNWANI rages against this bias and the reasons for it. Pix: the NDTV story on the Nagaur incident. 
Ashutosh's media histrionics
As every party shamelessly exploited Gajendra Singh's suicide for their own ends, AAP's spokesman Ashutosh outdid them all with his studio tears.   VIKRAM JOHRI reports. 
Laziness, malice and axes to grind
Given the arrant nonsense that passes for news these days, perhaps the very word needs to be redefined.   S.R. RAMANUJAN laments the collapse of standards. Pix: Times Now's coverage of Haryana government's offer of cabinet status to yoga guru Ramdev. 
Net neutrality: shrill voices, zero-rating and revenue envy
TRAI has muddied the waters by appearing to favour the arguments of the telecom service providers in its consultation paper   ANUP KUMAR argues that rather than an ‘either-or' option, a third alternative exists. Pix courtesy: 
When Prince Alarming spoke
For his simplistic stand on issues, some editorials ripped apart Rahul Gandhi's Enid Blyton approach to politics.   Others, says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA, were less forceful 
The South does it again
Sitaram Yechury's election as general secretary of the CPI(M) revives an old angst at the South v East divide in the party.   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA looks at this, and other reactions, in the editorials.Pix:A Telugu channel reports on the elections. 
The tale of a dalit journalist
Nagaraju Koppula overcame impossible hurdles to become an English language journalist.   Shocked to hear of his death at 35, PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA recalls his determination. 
A hatchet job on Smriti Irani
Outlook's cover story on Smriti Irani was based entirely on anonymous sources.   This kind of journalism is unethical, says PRASHANT REDDY THIKKAVARAPU. Pix:Ministers Irani, Rajnath Singh and Manohar Parrikar. 
Janata Mark 2? Ho hum
What can you say about the new Janata combine? Not a lot. And that's what the editorials did, as   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA discovered. Pix: the ToI edit on April 16, 2015. 
Whose choice is it anyway?
The Vogue My Choice video starring Deepika Padukone makes gender equality look deceptively easy.   The Indian reality is far more complicated, argues MRINAL PANDE. Pix: 

Other recent stories
Nobody has ever said earthquakes can be, or have been predicted. And yet, when worries of aftershocks prevail, the Times of India on Monday ran this scary headline: VERY SEVERE QUAKES LIKELY TO OCCUR ANYTIME across 8 columns on page 9 of its Mumbai edition. The story quoted an official of the National Institute of Disaster Management who talks of the "probability" of that in  a"relatively short span of 50 years". But "anytime" could mean the next moment as well. Stop scare mongering, ToI.
Indian TV reporters have landed in large numbers in Kathmandu and fanned out across Nepal. While their presence is welcome to bring to the public the extent of the damage, the competition between the channels, is resulting in some shrill coverage. On day two after a biggish after-shock some of them asked people repeatedly: Are you afraid ? Are you angry? Are you afraid that another earthquake will happen? Are you angry that the Nepal government hasn't done anything for you all?
Sitaram Kunte, Mumbai's civic chief's term ends on April 30, four days away, and his successor, Ajay Mehta, another IAS official has been named. Simply because the Mumbai Development Plan ran foul of the citizens and the chief minister for its innumerable errors, did it mean Kunte was removed, as the Mumbai Mirror says on its front page? Some Marathi papers too gave it the same a tinge of controversy.
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