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The Modi government restricts information to the mainstream media, events like the "Diwali Milan" above notwithstanding.

Has this government really clammed up?
Did reporting government just get harder under the NDA? No access to cabinet notes, no leaky babudom, beat ministers not talking, lobbyists banished from corridors of power.   In a HOOT special, NIVEDITA KHANDEKAR talked to 50 journalists to probe the change. (Pix: South Block, which houses the PMO, from 
Singing the budget's praises
With a few exceptions, the editorials lavished praise on Arun Jaitley's budget.   Reading them, DARIUS NAKHOONWALA felt they could have been written by Mr Jaitley himself. 
Paid news in The Hindu?
A Kerala government enquiry has pointed to instances which smack of ads for coverage in the paper, and another report of a finance inspection wing has questioned the manner in which it was given advertising.   PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA reports. 
Mourning the Bangla blogger
Two men butchered Avijit Roy on a busy Dhaka street last week and severely injured his wife Rafida Ahmed. He paid for being a freethinker with his life,   Says SUKLA SEN 
The noose is tightened
After banning two TV channels eight months ago, the Telangana chief minister has ordered journalists to get out of the Secretariat.   ALAPATI SURESH KUMAR reports on how media freedom is being eroded in the new state. Pix: K. Chandrasekhar Rao; credit: 
Mystery of the missing edits
Why are some topics ignored in edits? Why does science rarely feature?   Editorial writer T.C.A. SRINIVASA-RAGHAVAN ruminates on this mystery (Pix: Mehbooba Mufti's meeting with Amit Shah on February 24). 
Making fun of the princeling
News of Rahul Gandhi's 'break' triggered understandable mirth and mockery.   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA analyses the edits on this strangely timed rest. Pix: Rahul Gandhi, from 
New times, new words please
Why do we continue using hoary words that either date back to the Raj or are out of tune with the character of our modern Republic?   SAMEER SINGH offers an alternative political lexicon. comes to India
What does Facebook's ostensibly philanthropic move to offer the internet for free actually mean--for its competition, for the consumers targeted, and for the concept of net neutrality?   SMARIKA KUMAR explains.Pix: Mark Zuckerberg 
Shireen Dalvi: Urdu-English press divide
Between the reaction of Urdu journalists to the Shireen Dalvi controversy and the reaction of the English press lies a huge gulf.   JYOTI PUNWANI reports 

Other recent stories

On March 3 Arnab Goswami's nightly rant was on the BBC journalist's documentary  on Nirbhaya's rapists and the fact that NDTV showed the footage. Is this journalism he thundered. Which begged the question: is what we get on Times Now's super prime time every evening journalism, by a far stretch?

The bonus in the bad press that former IPCC chief R K Pachauri has been getting over the sexual harassment charge against him is that lazy journalists have elevated him to the status of a Nobel laureate. Several media outlets made this mistake. It was the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, Pachauri merely received it in his capacity as IPCC chair. 

The difference between the Radia tapes and the Essar emails is that this time around the disclosures are being reported with alacrity. Last time it took a day or more for the mainstream media to start acknowledging the revelations. The PIL affidavit on Essar mentions seven journalists in different contexts, including one from Dainik Bhaskar.  The HT staffer's suspension had a kick in the tail: the reporter hit back with details of how both her colleagues and her paper had also asked her to use her corporate contacts.
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