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GDP growth disappoints
GDP grows 5.3 % in Q2 on farm output, govt spend
The Economic Times
Farm, services save the day: GDP growth at 5.3% in Q2
Financial Express
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A poster of Mridul Gupta's “TRP aru”

News, lies, and more lies...
The scramble for TRPs distorts the truth and hinders justice.   That's the message of a new film by an Assamese director which releases today, says TERESA REHMAN 
The highest paid at BCCL
Of the 81 individuals listed in BCCL's annual report for 2013-14 as highly-paid directors and/or employees, three members of the Jain family received 54 per cent of the total remuneration paid to all of them.   And less than 10 journalists figure in the list, report PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA and A. BANERJEE (Pix: BCCL logo). 
The pot calling the kettle...
In covering controversial godman Rampal, news channels ignored their own role in promoting superstition.   Why do they give air time to fraudsters, asks ALKA GURHA (PIX: Sant Rampal after his arrest) 
Saradha's media legacy
Who gains and who loses from a media stable created during the almost simultaneous ascent of a little known businessman and a politician attempting to overthrow an entrenched ruling party?   Mamata Banerjee gained the most, says SEVANTI NINAN 
Abject ethnic and racial profiling?
Letter to the Hoot: Ketkar's reference was to the Bohras in the crowd at the two venues, with men sporting scull-caps and beards and women clad in open burqas.   SHREEKANT SAMBRANI is amazed at an assertion made on Karan Thapar's show. 
Party poopers?
Modi's Obama master stroke left some editorialists disconcerted.   They seemed uncertain how to strike the right note, says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA (Pix: Obama's reply to Modi on Twitter). 
1984 at the Indian Express...
…was truly Orwellian after the management fired journalists for refusing to work during a lockout over a new union.   SUSAN ABRAHAM recalls her 30 year legal battle to get justice over unfair dismissal (Pix: Express Towers, Mumbai). 
Naga editor's book banned by tribal body
Upset with Monalisa Changkija's new book, the tribal body Ao Senden has banned it.   Once again, writes SUBIR BHAUMIK, the issue of freedom of expression is at stake. (Pix: Monalisa Changkija; photo credit: 
Watch Telugu channels in English
Has it become fashionable for Telugu channels to use English even when it is not necessary? Or is it that those in charge have a poor knowledge of Telugu?   Using English when equally expressive Telugu words exist defies logic, says R. JAGADEESWARA RAO (Pix: Public Point on ABN). 
Understanding Net neutrality
In light of the debate over the FCC recommendations on regarding charging more for high-speed Internet, we present a briefing on what the issues are.   SHIRISH AGARWAL decodes net neutrality (Pix: President Obama -- supporting Net neutrality). 

Other recent stories

TV9 telecast a Kannada astrology programme recently of predictions on rape, according to your zodiac sign. If it is Virgo, the probability is the girl will be raped between the ages of 14 and 20 and below the stairs in her own home. If you are a Capricorn there is a possibility of your being raped by your mother or father or colleague. The solution is a mantra which appears on the screen. Write it on paper in red letters and keep it with you to recite when in danger of being raped. The same TV9 we shed tears for recently when it was forced off the air by a minister in the Karnataka state government.

The Daily Mail, London mentions that the wife in a world's oldest pair is Kartari, her 109-year-old husband for nearly 90 years being Karam Chand. The Times of India does not even think it fit to name the 102-year-old spouse. A typical gender bias?

TV9 has run into trouble with the Karnataka government.  According to a statement from the channel, it has been taken off the air by several cable operators in the state, reportedly after a directive was issued by the state's Energy Minister D K Shivakumar.  This is the second state where it has been blocked. The channel has been in a long-running dispute with the Telangana government, and was even threatened by Chief Minister K Chandraskehar Rao in September.
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