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In Zee TV PM  Modi has a fan club whose gush would make him blush if he had time to watch it. On Jan 26, the two Zee news channels outdid themselves. On Zee Business a commentator gloated over the rich irony  of a country which had denied Narendra Modi a visa now sending its president on a visit as his guest. On Zee News school children were interviewed and one said, "Modiji was looking as if he was  as powerful as Obama." Then an  anchor had a long discussion on the fabric of the coat he wore, with close ups of it shown later in the evening.  There was some indulgent discussion on his rang de basanti style turban, and fond talk of his burgeoning self confidence. The channel  managed to sound like a proud parent.
Pankaj Srivastava who recently publicised his own sacking from IBN7 on Facebook, is the latest in a recent stream of senior exits from IBN7 and CNN-IBN. He was first sidelined despite his seniority and considerable news experience into vetting the thousands of daily stories which come in from the ETV Hindi channels. Then he was asked to resign, which he declined to do. Then he provoked them by sending the sms on the channel's Kejriwal coverage. No show cau .. more>>
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India Today is looking for content writers (full-time) for its Education Portal in Noida. Interested candidates are required to send their resumes to
The Sports Mirror is looking for writers/correspondents who are passionate about sports.
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