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Khalid Mohamed sacked
Posted/Updated Thursday, Jan 29 22:41:22, 2009
The latest in a string of senior editorial departures is Khalid Mohamed, the senior film critic and writer at Hindustan Times. Mohamed was fired from the post of national culture editor. He had anchored the entertainment pages of the daily from Mumbai and was responsible for the section called HT Cafe.

The SC on Jan. 28 passed an interim order asking that search engines of  Google, Yahoo and Microsoft  block ads for sex determination tests, a report said. The companies claim that they already comply with the rules, with Google’s lawyer making a distinction between “search and information” and “promotion and advertisement”. But petitioner Sabu Mathew George’s lawyer, has alleged that such content is still widely available on searches conducted on search engines.
How strange that the media missed the omission of the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from a government advertisement on Republic Day. A watermark of the preamble, which forms the backdrop of the advertisement featuring models fro different parts of the country, has dropped the terms - introduced in the 42nd amendment to the Constitution. Hashtags on Twitter and online petitions have begun to #DefendIndianConstitution.

Kiran Bedi  provided  more grist for Arnab Goswami’s mill than President Obama did. On Tuesday (Jan 27) night he decided to take her on, on Times Now,  demanding to know why she was make a blooper a day, and fulminating at her dragging the US president’s visit  into her political campaign. Working himself up as usual into a contrived rage.

In Zee TV PM Modi has a fan club whose gush would make him blush if he had time to watch it. On Jan. 26, the two Zee news channels outdid themselves. On Zee Business a commentator gloated over the rich irony of a country which had denied Narendra Modi a visa, now sending its president on a visit as his guest. On Zee News school children were interviewed and one said, "Modiji was looking as if he was as powerful as Obama." Then an  anchor had a long discussion on the fabric of the coat he wore, with close-ups of it shown later in the evening.  There was some indulgent discussion on his rang-de-basanti-style turban, and fond talk of his burgeoning self-confidence. The channel  managed to sound like a proud parent.

Bloomberg TV India is looking for a Web Graphics Designer to join its web team in Mumbai. Job description: Responsible for creating design solutions that have a
Taylor & Francis India (a UK-based publishing house) currently has openings for Editorial Researchers in their Europa Publications reference team in New Delhi.
Does India need an independent and autonomous public broadcaster?
Cannot say
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