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Bachchan carps
Posted/Updated Monday, Jan 09 21:37:14, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan on his blog: "Why, just the other day I had a message from Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN IBN asking me if I could mention one of his programmes on my site on twitter !!! So . yes .. my numbers are large on Twitter . 1.88 million followers .. largest in India and fourth largest in Asia .. an attractive reach out to prospectives !!! But they are not large to put out your matter. I shall decide what I wish to and what I do not." 


The Times of India clarifies that it has disclosed in its report on Ericsson that "the writer is in Barcelona at the invitation of Ericsson". The paper says its  policy is to carry such a disclosure "when we write on the company/organisation at whose invitation the paper has assigned a correspondent -- but not when it's about some other company or businessman (such as Sunil Mittal)."

Sunil Mittal of Airtel has been extensively reported in newspapers from Barcelona, commenting on the imminent spectrum auction. The Economic Times had both a front-page story and a half-page Q&A with him inside; Rediff, PTI, and the Times of India also had stories. Only the Hindu Business Line revealed how the correspondents got there: "at the invitation of Telenor". Telenor was to host a media seminar at its hospitality stand. No disclosures at the bottom of the story by the others.

The Hindustan Times yesterday carried a "big story" about how cricketer Virat Kohli abused a HT journalist at Perth, mistaking him for another journalist who had recently written about his relationship with an actress. The readers' comments on HT's website as well as its Twitter and Facebook pages, however, seemed divided in loyalties, and blamed journalists for making news out of celebrities' private lives. 

On March 3 Arnab Goswami's nightly rant was on the BBC journalist's documentary  on Nirbhaya's rapists and the fact that NDTV showed the footage. Is this journalism he thundered. Which begged the question: is what we get on Times Now's super prime time every evening journalism, by a far stretch?

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