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Another defamation notice
Posted/Updated Wednesday, May 16 12:13:23, 2012
Rs 100 crore defamation notices are now par for the course. After Justice Sawant's suit against Arnab Goswami, and Times Now's legal notice for the same damages to The Hoot, we now have Shekhar Gupta and other authors of the Indian Express page one story on April 4 asking Vinod Mehta and Open magazine for  Rs  100 crore in damages for defaming them. In an interview to Open magazine Mehta had described the Express story as "a mistake of Himalayan proportions" and asserted repeatedly that it was a planted story.

The Times of India seems to have forgotten India has been a republic for over six decades. Its headline on May 28 was "Mysuru prepares for next king's coronation". The copy has words like "yuvaraja", "23-year-old king", and also "royal family". Its royalty fixation continued on some web editions with how he would be "anointed" as "the maharaja of Mysuru". The Hindu in its recent reports put coronation in inverted commas, and pointed out how it "has little significance as the institution has little significance as the institution of the maharajas have long been abolished".
If environmental problems are to be solved reporters need to care more about the issue. Piyush Goyal, the Minister for power, coal and new and renewable energy, held a press conference on one year’s performance. He described  how the government was fast tracking the LED bulbs rollout, had brought down prices sharply, and stressed repeatedly on how much carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced as a result. The questions that followed the minister’s presentation were on coal block allocations and the government’s gas and power schemes, etc. Not one on the environmental implications of any energy source.
TS Sudhir of Headlines Today interviewed on Wednesday some senior citizens, including one 80-year-old, on how to beat the current heatwave in Hyderabad. They explained how -- drink fluids, wear a cap if out, stay indoors -- and curiously enough, he did it in the open, the cruel sun shining on their heads at 11.25 am, with only one wearing a cap.
From Headlines Today to India Today, with a little help from the PM. Narendra  Modi happily posed on the June 1 cover of India Today magazine. Shutterbug Rohit Chawla, known for shooting stars and models, did the honours. He had a grim-looking Modi peeping out of a frame, blow dried and  shampooed, with the "Out of the Box PM" tag line below. India Today also had the black-and-white image of the PM peering out from a second cover, a cut-out that looked like a TV with 'India's most credible News Brand is now also a News Channel' printed  below. Maybe they should have also written,  sponsored by NaMo!
Does India need an independent and autonomous public broadcaster?
Cannot say
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