This database attempts to track the shareholding of major media companies registered in India, as well as the media properties owned by a group, across different media. The information is primarily based on data from the Registrar of Companies and on the Form IV statements carried by publications in the first quarter of each year.

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The Washingtonian.com reports that the Washington Post has a new social media policy which says staffers can be fired if their social-media activity "adversely affects The Post's customers advertisers, subscribers, vendors, suppliers or partners." The paper's guild is opposing the policy.                  

The Hindustan Times published this story titled "Hollow power: India is on a path to decline and that is why China is challenging it" and then took it down, as the link shows. Did it get a rap on the knuckles from the government? The story was unflattering in what it said about the Modi government's record in power over the last three years.                        
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