Media ownership 2014-15

IN Statistics | 26/08/2016


Ownership of publications: 2014-15


Ownership of publications (periodicity wise)


Ownership pattern of publications (Periodicity-Wise/ In percentage) 


Distribution of ownership of publications (Language-Wise)


Distribution of ownership of publications (State-Wise)


Circulation of publications under diverse ownership


Ownership of `NEWS & CURRENT AFFAIRS’  Newspapers


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This Nirav Modi profile in The Hindu on the "silent" diamond trader "who now faces a bleak future" reads like a fluff piece on a man who is at the centre of a massive scam. Based on what the writer says could be the last interview he gave (in November 2017) to the Indian media, it describes his youth, the rapid expansion of his business, the price his range of jewellery begins at, and how he designs every single piece of jewellery that he sells. 'Bleak' is surely an understatement for the future he now faces.    

The National Investigation Agency (NIA), set up to deal with combating and investigating terror-related crimes in India, has taken it upon itself to define the work of journalists. In its chargesheet  against Kashmiri photo-journalist Kamran Yusuf, in jail since September 5, 2017, the NIA said videos accessed of his work showed that he covered 'anti-national' activities and this went against the 'moral' duty of a journalist to cover developmental activities!                     
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