War and the Media

Kabul attack suggests ISIS is now targeting journalists


Foreign journalists have been abandoning countries that have become too dangerous, and local journalists who replace them are now in the line of fire.


War and peace: how the media covered the Uri attack


TV and social media went to war. But newspapers and news portals brought sanity and balance to Indian media’s response to the Uri attack.


When a soldier returns…


What should have been a family affair was laid bare at prime time, for the country to witness


The media gulf war

BY naqvi| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |27/03/2004

Why Arab and US viewers get contrasting pictures from Iraq


Pangs of conscience at the New York Times


The newspaper eats humble pie as its star feature writer fakes it. But is this excessive mea culpa a cover for its slanted reporting on Iraq


Arab vs. American Media: command and control?

BY Muralidhar Reddy| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |14/04/2003

Events leading to the march of the coalition soldiers into Baghdad clearly proved that Pentagon was deliberately targeting Arab media.


Are journalists in Iraq being deliberately targeted?

BY warren| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |10/04/2003

The bland assurances from the Pentagon and other coalition spokespeople are no longer enough to dismiss these suspicions.


Dainik Bhaskar and the Iraqi Shias

| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |05/04/2003

It was evidently fed biased data which it published by applying the questionable doctrine of good faith.


Shock and Awe: Operation Iraqi Freedom and the media

BY Subarno Chattarji| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |24/03/2003

The BBC World Service television presentation of the war indicated political opinions beneath the veneer of objectivity.


The war, according to CNN

BY Ammu Joseph| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |24/03/2003

Clearly coverage of the war can be thrilling as long as it does not involve, quote unquote, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


War and the media

BY ninan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |03/03/2003

As war looms over Iraq, the new media is changing the role of media in conflict.


War reporting and truth-seeking missiles

BY Manjula Lal| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |06/01/2003


The Media and Kargil Indian Institute of Mass Communications, 1999

IN BOOKS |08/09/2002


Media And The Narrativization Of War

BY Subarno Chattarji| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |28/08/2002


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Journalists in Kashmir are up in arms over the summons issued by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to Kashmir Observer journalist Aqib Javed Hakim, for his interview with jailed separatist leader Asiya Andrabi in January. This amounted to intimidation and harassment, a joint statement of the Kashmir Working Journalist Association (KWJA) and Kashmir Journalist Association said, adding that, in the Kamran Yousuf case, the NIA had tried to define journalism by its own skewed standards.                           

D Sunitha, an ASP in the Telangana Police, filed complaints with the NBSA against character assassination by some Telugu TV channels. NBSA has announced an agreement  arrived at with HMTV whereby the channel will broadcast an agreed upon apology statement three times a day on three days starting today.The complaint was against ETV, Sakshi and HMTV, the NBSA has reserved its order in other two cases. TV9 was as much of an offender, but it is not a member if the NBSA.                   

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